'We Sweat Tested 3 Workout Friendly Hairstyles From Pinterest—Here's What Happened'

The verdict: "What my hair looks like is usually the last thing on my mind during a workout. I have a lot of long, relatively thick hair and hate having it touch me when I’m sweaty, so I usually opt for a high ponytail on the very top of my head. Because of the amount of hair I have, I steer clear of top knots when exercising—mine is so big and heavy that it typically falls to one side and/or gives me a headache. Plus, a sweaty bun leaves my post-workout hair way kinkier than a ponytail does. So naturally, I was trepidatious to try out a hairstyle that involved not one, but three buns during a SoulCycle class.

"There aren’t any instructions on how to do the Vertical Buns, but from the picture, I gathered it’s just three buns down the center of your head—easy enough, right? Sort of. It took me about two minutes, two hair ties, and four bobby pins to throw this look together. Honestly, if I wanted it to stay perfectly in place, I could’ve used one more hair tie and way more bobby pins. It did, however, turn out pretty cute and didn’t fall completely apart on me. Another note: You need a lot of hair for this one. I’ve got a lot to work with and was still surprised by how small my buns were.

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Vertical buns Photograph courtesy of Alexandria Gomez

"As for whether I’ll be adding this to my routine…I have to say no. Getting to 7 a.m. spin is hard enough as it is without a styling session. But if you want to look extra good next time you hit the gym, this is a pretty easy way to up your game." —Alexandria Gomez, online editorial assistant

Source : https://www.womenshealthmag.com/beauty/pinterest-workout-hairstyles

'We Sweat-Tested 3 Workout-Friendly Hairstyles From Pinterest—Here's What Happened'
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