6 Ways To Winterproof Your Hair

You’ve got enough to worry about this winter without having to deal with dry hair.

Y’know, like what the hell are you going to buy your dad for Christmas? How can you eat all of the strawberry Quality Street without anyone noticing? Why isn’t mum buying six packets of pigs in blankets just for you alone? Hmmm.

Before we teach you the good stuff, how about looking back at Sophie Kasaei's incredible transformation?

The rest of you might be looking hot this winter (that does without saying), but the cold weather definitely isn’t gonna do your hair any good.

It’s probs feeling dry, dull and just a little bit dead right now, but have no fear, oh dehydrated soul. These are the six, super simple steps to winterproof your hair in no time.

1. For when faced with serious hat hair

Unless you fancy a touch of festive pneumonia, an enormous wooly hat is gonna be essential this winter. But while they might look cute enough for an Insta, they do also bring the endless struggle that is hat hair.

Waiting until your hair is completely dry before adding the hat to your outfit is a must.

If your hair is still warm and wet, it’ll flatten and mould to the shape of your headwear, which is never a good look. When you do take the hat off, flip your hair upside down and give it a good fluff at the roots to revive the shape a little.

2. For when you’ve got leftover summer split ends

Yes we KNOW that boob-length Disney Princess waves are the aim, but you’re never gonna get the long hair of your dreams unless you have the occasional trim every so often - especially just before winter.

It's important to ditch the frazzled, damaged hair that summer sunshine, beach days and that experiment with bleached ombre has left behind with a good, basic trim.

Getting rid of the dry split ends and any grown out colour will leave your hair in much better condition, with less frizz and more strength to fight the winter temperatures.

3. For when there's more snow on your shoulders than outside

Lush Superbalm, £12.95 / The Body Shop Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo, £8.00

Feeling like a dry, itchy dandruff scalp is about to ruin your winter aesthetic? It’s something that nearly everyone struggles with, and it’s easier than you think to eliminate the snow on your shoulders.

Just like the rest of your skin gets dry from indoor heating and endless cold weather, so does your scalp.

Look into dermatologically tested anti-dandruff shampoos to use in between your regular gentle products, or try a moisturising treatment like Lush’s Superbalm, which is packed with coconut oil and candelila wax for some extra scalp soothing.

4. For when you get a birds nest at the back of your neck

A chunky scarf, duvet coat and long flowing locks always seem like a perfect combo - until around half an hour later when you discover that your sleek hair has transformed into a knotted ball of tumbleweed. Agh.

The back-of-the-neck birdsnest is a genuine winter hurdle for any gals with long hair, so try opting for a beautiful braid or chic low bun instead for effortless, tangle-free tresses.

Investing in a good quality deep conditioner for your long hair to soak up some extra moisture will also help as dry, straw-like hair is much more likely to tangle. Oh, and maybe chuck a Tangle Teezer in your bag for emergencies.

5. For when it’s feeling frazzled

Just like you’re upping your light facial moisturiser for the heavy duty stuff, you should be doing the same for your hair too if you’re serious about treatin’ it right in the winter.

Look for shampoos and conditioners that are infused with bonus argan, coconut and almond oils for an extra dose of salon-esque shine and bounce.

As well as getting all the oils in during and after your hair wash, try your best to avoid using the hot tools too often, add in a leave-in product to create an extra protective barrier against the cold, and you could even sleep on a satin pillowcase to retain extra moisture if you’re feeling fancy.

6. For when you’ve got some spare TLC time

After doing your nails/fake tan/facial, turn your attention to a deep conditioning hair mask too. It’ll be the best thing you ever invest in when it comes to winter proofing those locks.

Something like Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor is great for eliminating static and flyaways if you’re on a budget, while Philip Kingsley’s infamous Elasticizer is T-H-E ultra moisturising, reparative mask to splash out on.

Ooh, and if you’re colouring your hair, invest in the genius invention that is Olaplex treatment - an at-home mask that offers ongoing protection from everyday damage if you’re a bleach fiend.

Words by Lucy Wood

Source : http://www.mtv.co.uk/mtv-style-0/news/winterproof-your-hair

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