Andover, The Magazine: Spring 2015

Northshore Home magazine, which highlights the best in architectural design, new construction and renovations, interiors, and landscape design North of Boston, will expand to four issues in 2018. "We've gotten such a positive response from our readership and advertising partners that we are expanding the publication to four issues in 2018," said Nancy E. Berry, editor. "There's so much great design talent on the North Shore to share with our readership."

Each issue of Northshore Home captures the essence of the North Shore in the following shelter categories:

Cultivate: All things outdoors—including gardens, landscapes, and plantings.

Inspire: Stories on what inspires great design in the region: art, historical perspective, and fashion.

Kitchen & Bath: Stories on kitchen and bath design, including design trends, new technologies, cabinetry, appliances, fixtures, and fittings.

Vignettes: Short stories on interior design elements such as fabrics, furnishings, paints, and papers.

Tastemakers: Profiles of North Shore architects, interior designers, landscape designers, and builders who are making the North Shore a beautiful place to live.

Accents: Product pages featuring home accessories, shops, and entertaining ideas.

The spring 2018 issue of Northshore Home will focus on classic and contemporary kitchen designs around the region, as well as coastal cottages, sustainable design, and more. Access the 2018 media kit and editorial calendar. Read the current issue.

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