Best Hair Colours Of 2017

The colour: Platinum

The celebrity inspiration: Jennifer Lawrence

Description: According to Zard, this is "the most high maintenance of them all and great for all seasons. This colour is mesmerising and will completely change your look." Platinum hair colour can take on many tones, such as icy white, champagne, golden platinum, and silver.

Who it works for: Zard said that platinum hair should be reflective and lustrous and works best with fair, cool, and light warm skin tones. She also advised that you "first check with your colourist to see if the condition of your hair will allow for this lengthy double-process colour." She added, "Be completely honest about any previous chemical treatments and colours you have done (even if it was months or years ago) in order to help prevent any detours from your end goal." To maintain this look, aside from regular root touch-ups, ensure that purple shampoo and restorative conditioning treatments are always on hand.

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