DIY: At Home Ombre

Last night, I got my hands dirty and tested my at-home coloring skills.

Working on a dummy at a Clairol workshop, I opted for a “reverse ombre” look — hair that’s light on top and gets darker toward the bottom.

Clairol experts walked me through the process. You’ll need two boxes of dye. The first is three shades darker than your natural hair color; the second is three shades darker than the first.

Divide your hair into four sections to make it more manageable. Apply the first dye (the lighter of the two shades) starting a few inches from the scalp. Massage it through the length of the hair, and do the same on all four sections.

With the hair still wet, apply the second dye (the darker shade) to the bottom part of the hair — I covered about four inches. Since the colors are similar, they’ll blend together.

Follow instructions to let sit, rinse and condition — and voila! Reverse ombre hair.

(See below for final result!)


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