DIY: Turn An Otherwise Ho Hum Nightstand Into A Trendy Ombre Piece

The Ombre trend has swept across our popular culture. 

For our purposes, Ombre is defined as a lightening of colors from dark to light. It is a gradual changing of shades. 

Hair, clothes, housewares, fingernails and even furniture pop with this fun look. It lends visual interest to a standard uniform paint job by drawing the eye upwards. Easily adjusted to suit any decorating style, the colors can be as soft or striking as desired. 

For this DIY project, an old set of nightstands receive a totally different look by going from black to a calming trio of pink shades.


• Dresser or nightstand without a veneer finish; plain wood

• (Optional) sandpaper

• Primer

• Varying shades of paint in the same color family. Three are used in this sample. If unsure about color selection, paint sample cards at the home improvement stores usually have three or more per card. Simply select a card!

• Rollers and trays


• Remove hardware. Save as is, or consider spray painting for a new look. There are many types specifically for metal that can give a hammered look, or completely change the color to other metallic finishes.

• Dependent on the type of paint the dresser currently has, sanding might be a good idea. Some primers do not require it, but be sure to check your can for specific directions. When in doubt, a light sanding helps the fresh paint to adhere well.

• Apply the primer and let dry well. For dark colors, 2-3 coats might be required.

• Paint each drawer front a shade of the chosen color. Remember, Ombre means a fading of dark to light. Consider the darkest color on the bottom and lighten the colors as you reach the top.

• Once dry, install the hardware.


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DIY: Turn an otherwise ho-hum nightstand into a trendy Ombre piece
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