Have You Tried The Ombre Lip Trend?

If you are a beauty junkie, we are sure you will not mind the hot new lip look. You can now use ombre not just in your hair but also your lips. For ombre lips, you need to create a two-toned kiss by applying a darker undercoat to boost your lipstick’s colour. Then apply a lighter, more luminous shade to the lower lip and contrast with some other colour on the upper lip. Ombre are usually seen in either a colour blocked style which can be quite out there for everyday wear but great for party wear or in a more wearable petal stained look which is a more gradual two tone effect. Beauty expert Janet Fernandez shares tips to rock the ombre lips look.

For fuller lips

Ombre can add dimension to your lips and make your lips look fuller. Just go for magenta fading to petal pink or deep orange red fading to tangerine. You need to slide the lighter colour all over your lips and then trace the outer edges with the darker colour. The new colourful caviar lip trend is also taking over Instagram. 

To draw attention to the pout

The dark lip liner has always been a beauty faux pas. The trick is to use two similar lipstick shades and let them blend together. So colour your outer lips with a bright lip colour like pink and use a shade of red to fill your inner lips. You can also try this look with shades of brick and burgundy. Here are 4 ways you can get fuller, sexier lips. 

For that outlined look

To get that pout more attention, try mixing two colours on both your upper and lower lips. First apply a base colour on your entire lip and then take the second colour in the middle of both upper and lower lips to get a two-dimensional finish. Don’t do too much with your eyes in this look.

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