How Do Hair Transplants Work And Which Celebrities Have Had The Procedure? From Calum Best To Ashley Ward

CELEBS are constantly put under pressure to look good – so it’s no surprise that some male stars opt for some surgical help when it comes to losing their locks.

Hair transplants are one of the options available for those who are follicly-challenged. Here’s all we know about the procedure…

>Celebrities including Calum Best have opted for the surgery to cover their bald spots

Cavendish / Crown Clinic >4
Celebrities including Calum Best have opted for the surgery to cover their bald spots

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplants are a type of cosmetic surgery used to target male and female pattern baldness.

As well as this, they can be used to restore hair and to fill in scars caused by accidents or burns.

Results can permanently change your appearance, but the hairs can take over a year to grow in entirely.

Because it is considered a cosmetic procedure, hair transplants are not normally available on the NHS and patients wanting the surgery will usually have to go private.

How is a hair transplant carried out?

Patients undergoing the surgical procedure are put under local anaesthetic and sedation.

The procedure can be carried out in two separate ways.

>Skin grafts are taken from the back of the head where there’s typically plenty of hair and re-inserted into the sparse areas

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Skin grafts are taken from the back of the head where there’s typically plenty of hair and re-inserted into the sparse areas

Follicular unit transplantation

A strip of hair-bearing skin is moved from the head, before being separated out.

After they’re divided into grafts containing two hairs each, they’re placed into incisions in the scalp.

Finally, the wound that was created by removing the strip of hear-bearing skin, is closed up with stitches.

Follicular unit extraction

The head is shaved, before a surgical device individually removes a number of follicles containing hair.

These hairs are then “planted” in areas where hair growth is sparce by making incisions in the scalp.

>X Factor star Jake Quickenden has splashed £5,000 on a hair transplant

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X Factor star Jake Quickenden has splashed £5,000 on a hair transplant

How much does a hair transplant cost?

The cost of a hair transplant varies on a case to case basis.

Procedures tend to be pricier if balding has occurred over a larger surface area.

Customers can splash out between £1,000 and £30,000 depending on where the clinic and extent of the work needed.

How long does it take for a hair transplant to heal?

Both cosmetic procedures can be complete in a day and patients are given pain relief to help them through the recovery process.

The NHS reveals that most clients are able to return to work within three days of a follicular unit transplantation.

Patients are advised to be cautious during the first two weeks after their operation, as they skin grafts will not yet be completely secure.

The NHS describes the recovery process following a hair transplant…

After a few days: Any bandages can normally be removed. You may be able to wash your hair gently by hand.

After a week: Any non-dissolvable stitches can normally be removed.

After a few weeks: The transplanted hair will often fall out, and later start to grow back.

After six months: New hair will normally start to appear.

After 12-18 months: The full results should be seen.

Which celebrities have had a hair transplant?

Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward’s husband and former footballer Ashley has revamped his barnet with a hair transplant.

X Factor and I’m A Celebrity star Jake Quickenden has undergone a £5,000 hair transplant after “years of anxiety and paranoia”.

Cold Feet star James Nesbitt is one of many famous faces to admit to undertaking a hair transplant.

The 52-year-old confessed that the treatment has helped to transform his career.

Calum Best also revealed he had three hair transplants before going into the Celebrity Big Brother house.

He admitted: “I think I look at least five years younger due to the hair transplants and it has definitely helped my career.

“I was keen to get it done before going on Celebrity Big Brother so my hair would look great on the show.”

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>Street dancer George Sampson is now an actor and has had roles in Waterloo Road and Emmerdale

PR Company >4
Street dancer George Sampson is now an actor and has had roles in Waterloo Road and Emmerdale

Another celeb that has been open about their cosmetic surgery is Wayne Rooney – whose hair was ever changing during the Euro 2016 campaign.

X Factor star Lloyd Daniels also revealed that he is undergoing a hair transplant.

The 23-year-old singer – who shot to fame when he came fifth on the ITV music competition in 2009 – documented his attempts to recapture his hairline with painful-looking pictures.

Britain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson announced he was getting hair transplant after his head-spinning left him bald.

He was recently pictured getting the £9,000 procedure done at a North Yorks clinic.

X Factor’s Christopher Maloney also showed off his hair transplant, as his £60,000 transformation continues.

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How do hair transplants work and which celebrities have had the procedure? From Calum Best to Ashley Ward
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