Persona 5 Details To Come Shortly After New Year’s, Says Producer Hashino

1. Of course it matters, we aren’t arguing over the concept of announcements of announcements, it’s about being justified to be excited for this news. A few weeks before this article was published, another countdown and concert was announced in the same vein as the 2013 livestream. We can infer it’s something similar, and Hashino’s comments add to that. There’s justifiable reason to be excited. The last time a major SE title had a countdown, it was for an iOS game.

2. Versus XIII was announced for development in May 2006. Since 2006, the Persona series has had:

Persona Revelations, P2: IS, P2: EP, P3, P3 FES, P3P, P4, P4G, P4Arena, P4Ultimax, PQ: Shadow of the Labyrinth. There’s more than enough content in even the ports to consider them worthy Persona games. Unlike SE and their ports. FFX remastered aside, can you really justify the VII ports? At least there is new content in all the P4 spinoffs.

In addition, the Persona team, P-Studio developed Catherine, and ATLUS underwent a massive corporate restructuring.

Add in 3 TV anime and 3 feature films, and I’d say they’ve been pretty good to us. Not to mention, Persona is under SMT, we can go into that too if you’d like?

Persona 5 was STATED to have begun development in 2012. Sketches and production began as stated by Katsura Hashino at that time. Persona 5 was ANNOUNCED in 2013. Versus XIII was announced in 2006.

3. See above, they had difficulties transitioning to new consoles, and they’ve had plenty of Persona content in the meanwhile. IT IS THE FANS PERCEPTION. That it has been a long wait (and it has!) but again, it was only officially announced LAST YEAR. It was NOT confirmed at any time prior to that, it was just fan assumption that after P4 would be P5.

4. Right, I won’t deny the resources required to create the Lightning series is beyond any Persona game. But they’ve still released double the amount of content in a span of time, why is that a negative? there’s been demand for Persona 4, and they’ve fulfilled it in full. Can you say the same about demand for the XIII trilogy? Objectively it hasn’t been as well received as SE would like. Likewise with FXIV and then subsequently ARR.

5. Persona 5 was not announced until November, 2013. Persona 5 was not confirmed to have started development until August, 2012. Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced in 2006. I think that makes my argument hold A LOT of weight.

To be fair Versus XIII started off as a spinoff and only recently became a numbered entry, but that’s the major title SE is being judged upon in comparison to P5. And again, Versus XIII had over a 6 year head start on P5. P5 will come out before Final Fantasy XV does. There’s something really damn wrong about that.

This isn’t about SE vs ATLUS. If you think it’s unjustified for people to be excited about an announcement of an announcement for one company, but not for another. Maybe instead of assuming were hypocrites you consider what one company is doing right, and what the other is doing wrong.

I don’t have anything personal against SE. But the difference in how they handle their properties and interact with their fans is so clear, that I just had to respond.

I’d be more than happy to discuss this further, but it’ll have to wait till tonight as I have a full shift today T_T (games are expensive ;o;).

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Persona 5 Details To Come Shortly After New Year’s, Says Producer Hashino
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