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Sitting Under a Cloud of Suspicion for Treason

I refuse to allow this man to run my nation into the ground in the name of Italy and nations that support it acting under the very same feelings of hatred for the rest of America as they did in WWII. From Janet Napolitano to Antonin Scalia with a majority of Italian-Americans running this nation – every hour that we do not remove these traitors from office and let them sit promoting uncertainty to our active-duty soldiers, our citizens, all within the nation’s borders and abroad without speaking up about it in protest are culpable for human rights crimes that were committed here on our domestic soil or abroad while our United States National Guard, Army, and Marines are forced to serve in the Middle East – leaving us largely undefended and reliant on local law enforcement that are abusing that authority.

Not only are the police generally abusing that authority but it is unlawful for us to expect national security from them.

A dual-edged sword.

Meanwhile our hands-off public officials sit under a cloud of suspicion of treason.

There is no law to justify military service by our young soldiers in the Middle East at this time any more than there was during the Bush administration.

No law.

So, since there is no law to cite, all members of Congress or the concurrent presidential administrations that caused the conditions of force by engaging United States military ground and air combat since 1997 are culpable for all the deaths that resulted therefrom.


“Sovereign Citizens”

Contrary to asserting criminal consequences for speaking about such things in public such as the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the Sovereignty of the American people – how dare any law enforcement or the Department of Homeland Security – even remotely infer that they have the authority under any law to remove that power of speech from the people of the United States?

You ARE sovereign! You are “the people”! You are “we the people” of the United States of America! There is no sin in knowing this! How foolish to listen to law enforcement that do not interpret legislation or know how to! Who are they that wear a badge but defend not the one accused? How do they explain their knowledge of the Rule of Law?

How foolish you are to think it’s wrong to say “Constitution of the United States” and believe its words as law!

Who are these law enforcement in 2012 that seek to strip each one of us from speaking our minds at any time? What authority do they cite as being superior to any American civilian?

We have no titles of nobility in the United States granted to anyone and a badge isn’t a title of nobility!

Super-Empowered Executive Branch

This is evidence, as we hear such facts that these law enforcement agencies which super-empower the Executive Branch of the United States are acting without such legal authority as they force their will upon each legal United States civilian knowingly while our National Guard is away serving its country.

Who are these that remove tents for necessity of life from American citizens when they have no safe place to live?

What permanent Writ of Eminent Domain does the Department of Homeland Security show to us to take our property at will at any time of the day?

What permanent Writ of Mandate does Congress have to force our American soldiers to sit under a service of false pretenses in the Middle East, where few can name why they are there to serve foreign civilians over the primacy of the American people to defend her lands and her borders?

Who orders such things against us?

Who shows the laws that support the claim against the articles of the Constitution, where we super-empower the Executive Branch with law enforcement agencies that seek to defend on that branch of government and no other American citizen?

Who can show the law where it says American citizens may not lawfully speak or defend its Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

What law do you cite?

Clintonian Influence Remains Persuasive

Leon Panetta is a former cabinet member of Bill Clinton – a former president that wholly ignores and disrespects the Constitution of the United States of America and appointed justices to the United States Supreme Court that should not be sitting making adjudications on behalf of the American people, where they fail to recognize equal protection for women or publicly criticize our nation’s supreme law before the international community.

How dare they?

How dare they insult the United States of America as an embarrassment that our Constitution is secondary to any other nation against the heads of state in foreign countries?

Who are these that insult you and your family as if you are worthless compared to any other nation’s citizens so that they would ignore your condition of poverty in favor of a civilian in Iraq or Afghanistan? As if they are more worthy of military action?

What authority do they cite to speak such traitorous things while serving in public office in the United States?

The Clinton influence remains powerful and has never left Washington, DC, harming all of the United States. This man that left the United States in a condition of national crisis and then obstructed justice while exploiting a woman under oath is horrific, though many of you laugh it off as if our national security is a joke not worth preserving.

Obama Disrespect for the United States

Mr. Obama strengthens that extreme lack of respect for our flag and its sovereignty that it identifies by the people and for the people of the United States.

His haphazard and sudden alliance with the long-respected nation of Israel is distrustful. He has acted as a man would facing losing his presidency at the 11th hour by stomping out fires he should have put out back in 2008, and where Guantanamo Bay prison remains open. He’s a liar. An incompetent buffoon that lacks skilled resolve, love for his people, and a firm hand so that this nation remains strong and free.

But, that condition of uncertainty and distrust or omission of service and duty is treason and legal cause for removal from office – not only for the president, but his entire cabinet, members of Congress, and the entire United States Supreme Court that fails to respect the law they are compelled to defend and support not only with words, but with action.

How offensive it is to the senses to listen to, to witness, and be forced to discuss every day forward such acts of treason with our children that should be living under unquestionably strength in security – a strong and vital future for the United States of America.

“Take No Action” – Old Hat Panetta

Panetta has no right to sit in that position for another term. He’s been in Washington too long and has no answer for our young people today.

That is akin to a police officer standing before a violent criminal that is committing murder, pacing back and forth next to the crime scene not knowing what to do.

How dare you allow this man to stay in that office not knowing what to do when you have a nation filled with people who have the skill to make a swift and decisive choice for our nation?

I’m telling you that the American people are allowing these decisions to take place by incompetent fools that you grant permission to stay in office yet another day.

You are destroying your own nation so long as you take no action to lawfully remove these members of Congress of from their seats where they represent no one but their own selfish interests.

And the “hands-off” Pentagon that should be declaring Martial Law right now and exiling some of these terrible people that failed to protect innocent United States civilians from violent civil rights offenses and risk national security every day – fail our courageous military and every one of us, by sending a message that under foreign attack, even they would do NOTHING to defend this nation.

Kennedy-esque Resolve

When we know that John Fitzgerald Kennedy would have unequivocally taken swift and decisive action were he still president today, as we witness these fools that have occupied the Oval Office from the Carter administration forward, make an absolute mockery of the United States of America before foreign nations in Europe that survived centuries of triumphant military might – how foolish we must look to these great nations of Europe – our Fatherlands!

I am embarrassed by my fellow citizens that fail to take action against any of these, waiting for the country to fail – how you fail your children!

When it is too late and you ask for help by those of us that know the law and DID SPEAK OUT – how we will turn the tables, slam the door in your faces, and ignore your pleadings as you ignored our forewarnings.

How offensive your inaction and lack of self-respect or national pride is to our active duty soldiers – to all military service members that you fail by extreme disrespect and loathing.

Go to the tavern and have another brew then so that your opinion falls on deaf ears to those that don’t care! Waste your words speaking to political pundits in Tweeter! Call in to CNN that will ignore what you say and write fabricated stories regardless! Mock your ability by publicly claiming yourself as having no voice before others in the world online!

If it were not for these brave young men and women serving you in our Armed Forces you would not have that liberty to speak so freely with a “loose” tongue as the president refers to – you would have no rights under the law – but be forced to speak only in support of the him.

You are close to that now.

What Future? What Security?

Do you know what the future holds for the United States?

You should have a good idea under a healthy presidential administration.

And you cannot speak it today because you do not live under the security of defense in protection of your civil rights, knowing firmly that you will not be arrested for expressing what you think.

You are not certain that your own government would defend you.

When you cannot ascertain on this day that your president was even born in this nation, how can you believe that your words will never be punished for speaking in favor of the Bill of Rights – when that president acts against it before the international community?

How can you know then that the United States of America is secure?

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Sources: Syria's president holding firm
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